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Scapa Glansa

31 Mar 2019 0 Comments
Scapa Glansa

Today we will be having a look at the Scapa Glansa.

The Scapa distillery lies in the centre of the Orkney Islands. Right on the coast of the natural bay "Scapa Flow" which was used by the Royal Navy during both world wars as a naval base.

The Scapa distillery was built in 1885 by John T. Townsend and one Mr. MacFarlane, whose 
first name isn't mentioned in any of the sources I've checked. Their private company was taken 
over by Scapa Distillery Co. Ltd. in 1919, but that company went into liquidation in 1934.

The production of malt whisky stopped as well at this time, but it was resumed again in 1936 when brothers Maurice & John Bloch (owners of the Glengyle and Glen Scotia distilleries in Campbeltown at the time) took over Scapa distillery.

It is said that the brothers needed the malt whisky from Scapa distillery for their 'Ambassador' blended whisky - a blends with a solid reputation at the time. In 1994 it was mothballed, and faced definitive closure in 2004, it was however saved and started producing spirit again late in 2004.

Scapa Glansa is the only Scapa whisky to have a peat flavour to it. It is important to note however that this does not come from smoking the barley with peat smoke, but from ageing the whisky in barrels that had once held peated whisky.

The nose is gentle and fruity, apple and pear are what i smell. A sweet barley note comes in mixed with faint tropical fruits. Slightest hint of sweet smoke.

The palate starts with a cereal note beyond just barley. Light vanilla and honey notes. Sweet aromatic pipe tobacco style notes mingle with a traditional peat smoke at the back end.

Finish is medium, salted caramel with a hint of apple. lingerings hints of that aromatic pipe tobacco.

An interesting whisky from the folks at Scapa. Showing they are never afraid to experiment with new ideas.

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