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You don’t have to travel too far from Scotland to discover great whiskey. Welcome to Ireland and The Teeling Whiskey Company, an independent Irish whiskey distillery based in the capital, Dublin. 

The Teeling family has a long and fascinating history in whiskey production and has been around since 1782. Despite being closed due to a massive decline in whiskey sales, the Teeling distillery reopened its doors 1976 and has been releasing excellent whiskeys ever since.  

Teeling whiskeys are carefully crafted and overseen by a Teeling family member who has kept the distilling history of the family alive. Teeling selects each cask carefully, handpicking each one. Its whiskey is flavourful, rich and deep, offering a unique but delicious whiskey experience for first-timers all the way to connoisseurs. 

Each variety produced is bottled at 46%, without chill-filtration. Teeling has taken home over 250 awards at international spirits competitions including the highest honour of “World’s Best Single Malt” for its 24-year-old.

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