The Yamazaki distillery was opened in 1923 and is widely considered to be Japans first commercial distillery. It is located in a beautiful green valley between Osaka and Kyoto. The distillery is famous for producing a whisky that has been aged in Spanish sherry barrels. This has always been the case since the production first started back in the twenties.

Sadly, due to a certain whisky writer, the worldwide demand for Yamazaki has exploded over recent years. Any age statement bottlings are incredibly hard to come by. You can see quite often bottles of Yamazaki exchanging for ridiculously large amounts of money via auction.

But the good news is that in 2013 over a billion dollars was invested into the distillery to expand capacity. This means that hopefully in the future Yamazaki will be easier to come by.

Yamazaki distillery  is a 15-minute train journey from Kyoto and is open to visitors   


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