Miyagikyo was built in 1969 by the Japanese godfather of whisky Masataka Taketsuru. He took 3 years to find the perfect location for his new distillery which he had built near the secluded Miyagi Prefecture, an area with perfect humidity and pure water sources that he had been searching for. 

Originally named Sendai Miyagikyo was built primarily for blending with Yoichi spirit to be concentrated on single malt. Production of spirit began in 1969 and grew with further expansions in 1979 and also saw a Grain production added with 2 Coffey still imported from Scotland. 

The Asahi Brewery Company took control of Nikka in 2001 and renamed the distillery Miyagikyo. Miyagikyo has 8 pot stills and has a capacity of 3 million litres per year.

Miyagikyo distillery is not open to visitors.


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