While Scotland has reached unparalleled success with its national drink, Gin is very popular at the moment and the distilleries here have capitalised on that. Rum is also starting to be distilled in some Scottish distilleries and has been bottled on Scottish soil for many years. 

We have a great selection of spirits and liqueurs available, most of which are produced in Scotland. Browse our range of premium spirits today.

Other Spirits

Aelder Elixer - Scottish Wild Elderberry Liqueur, 50cl
Aelder Elixer Scottish Liqueur is a wild elderberry liqueur by Buck and Birch, a company that forages for its ingredients....
Amarosa Rosehip Scottish Liqueur, 50cl
Amarosa Rosehip Liqueur, 50cl. This aromatic Scottish rum liqueur is made by people behind Aelder Elixir and is infused with...
Boë Gin Violet Gin 5cl
Boë Gin Violet Gin is an award winning Scottish gin infused with violets to give it an amazing colour and...
Botanist Gin, 70cl. "Grow your own garnish" Gift Set
The perfect gift for gin lovers, the new giftpack contains an easy to use herb planter crafted from the iconic...
Bruadar Malt Whisky Liqueur, 70cl
It's name translating from Gaelic as 'dream', the Bruadar Liqueur is the product of an uncommon marriage of honey, sloe...
Cardrona Just Hatched, Single Malt Whisky, 35cl.
Cardrona distillery is found on New Zealand's southern island. Building started on the 5th of January 2015 with the first...
Darnley's Gin Navy strength Edition, 70cl.
This gin is a homage to Sir Rosslyn Wemyss who rose to the rank of Admiral in the Royal Navy....
Darnley's Spiced Gin, 70cl
Another example of Darnley's expertise in gin production. As the name would suggest it is a a gin with a...
Darnley's View Original Gin, 70cl
A fantastic new Scottish gin that focuses on time and care to craft this perfect example of a London Dry...