While Scotland has reached unparalleled success with its nation drink, Gin is very popular at the moment and the distilleries here have capitalised on that. Rum is also starting to be distilled in some Scottish distilleries, and has been bottled on Scottish soil for many years. 

We have a great range of spirits and liqueurs available, most of which are produced in Scotland. 

Other Spirits

Arbikie Potato Vodka
As well as a rich history of producing whisky and recent endeavours in gin, we now make vodka here in...
Flavour Tree Edinburgh Gin Tasting Set
The Edinburgh Gin Tasting Set contains the original Edinburgh gin and 3 of their extremely popular Edinburgh Gin's Liqueurs.  The...
Grey Goose
One of the real premium vodka's on the market and definitely one of the creamiest. The French can make vodka...
Hennessey VS
A Very Special Cognac that has been produced for decades by Hennessey. Hennessey was founded in 1765 and has grown...
Remy Martin VSOP Cognac
A fantastic blend of Champagne Cognac's for Remy Martin's flagship Cognac. Rich and smooth, a fantastic start to a journey...