Glenfiddich ‘Valley of the deer’ was built by William Grant 1886 at a cost of £800 and on the Christmas of 1887, the 1st spirit was produced. Glenfiddich is still owned and ran by the descendants of William of 130 years later.

In 1963 Glenfiddich becomes the 1st to release a single malt to the world, this was done in order not to compete with the mass that is blended whiskies but to create a new entity style and within 12 years it paid off as demand skyrocketed for single malt and 16 new stills were added to keep up the supply. Glenfiddich for many years has had the iconic green triangle bottle, which stands out and is quite eye-catching lined up amongst other bottles, however, this is not just aesthetic reasons it also serves a practical purpose for transport. Triangles don’t role, especially during transit meaning fewer breakages - leading to more sales.

Glenfiddich was the 1st distillery in Scotland to open a visitor centre in 1969. Glenfiddich has an impressive warehouse set up, they mature all their whisky on-site with 43 warehouses which has room for 800 thousand barrels!  Glenfiddich uses the water from the Fiddich burn and is located near Dufftown in the heart of the Speyside, (one of 6 distilleries in the town). Glenfiddich currently produces the largest quantity if spirit a year 13.65million in 2016, (soon to be challenged by Macallan in 2017).

Glenfiddich has 2 still rooms giving a total of 11 wash stills and 20 spirit stills and has a capacity of 14 million litres a year.

Glenfiddich distillery is open to visitors.


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