Lind and Lime Gin Review

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Lind and Lime Gin Review

Today we shall be having a look at the Lind and Lime gin from Port of Leith distillery in Edinburgh.

Port of Leith Distillery can be found a stone’s throw from the docks.

Established by two friends, the Port of Leith Distillery’s talented distillers currently produce a variety of crafted spirits including Whisky and Gin.

Having won a number of awards, we were very excited to give this gin a try here in the whisky rooms. 

From this we have found a rather special cocktail for this gin, a grapefruit gimlet. Shaken till ice cold and served with a ball of ice in the glass. This is one to sip slowly and savor while relaxing on the veranda. 

Come into Whiski Rooms to try or you can buy a bottle of it here:

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