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Bladnoch 10

31 Mar 2019 0 Comments
Bladnoch 10

Bladnoch Distillery was founded in 1817, and is Scotland’s southernmost producer of whisky. It has survived various changes of ownership, and was saved from closure in 1994 by Northern Irish Businessman Raymond Armstrong and his partners. Since 2015 it has been owned by Australian entrepreneur David Prior, with the renowned Ian MacMillan, Master Blender, as Distillery Manager.

Bladnoch 10 Year Old is a whisky of subtlety. A drinker new to the spirit may need a second or even a third dram before feeling capable of describing the more nuanced elements of this expression.

This particular observer would offer the opinion – at the risk of seeming a little grandiloquent – that the aroma is reminiscent of images conjured up by Rupert Brooke. Here is a dram redolent of approaching sunsets and cricket outfields with their rising crepuscular aromas gently intoxicating the nose with striations of grass, hay, barley sugar and delicate spices.

But do not, gentle reader, fear that the palate of this amber gold delicacy will fade away too soon, like “a brief, dreamy kind delight”. (I know, dear reader, that I have changed poetic horses in midstream, but to know all is to forgive all…) This Lowland treasure has hidden depths to delight the after dinner drinker far into a gently balmy summer evening.

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