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New Flavour Tree Tasting Sets

15 Oct 2020 0 Comments
New Flavour Tree Tasting Sets

New in shop*

We have our handmade tasting sets re-turning to the shop!!!

Our tasting sets are presented in a bespoke gift box with a hand rolled wax sealed tasting guide. An ideal range of single malt whisky to taste. An excellent gift for a friend or for your own adventure into the world of Scottish Whisky.

We have 6 different tasting sets for you to choose from.

The Lowland Tasting Set:

The Highland Tasting Set:

The Speyside Tasting Set:

The Islay Tasting Set:

The Regional Tasting Set:

The Scottish Gin Set:

Each one contains 4 5cl samples for you to taste. We will be going into more depth on each set in individual posts.

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