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Provenance 10 Year Old Dailuaine Review.

25 Jun 2021 0 Comments
Provenance 10 Year Old Dailuaine Review.

Today we shall be having a look at a single cask Dailuaine from the fine people at Douglas Laing.

Dailuaine today is owned by Diageo and is used mostly within the world of blending. it was, however, the largest distillery in Speyside at the end of the 19th century. 

Having burnt down twice in the 20th century they made the smart descision to switch to steam fired stills in 1965. 

Bought out by United Distillers in 1986, the vast majority of its output became blending only until 1991 when it joined the Flora and Fauna portfolio, where it has remained ever since.

If you are looking for more single malts than that however you will need to be keeping an eye out for independent single cask bottling's.

Here we have the product of one refill sherry cask, bottled at 46% ABV without chill filtration or added colour.

The nose opens with a warm dusty malting floor, quickly followed by peaches and raisins. Gentle plum and cherry join in after some time in the glass with a gentle vanilla sweetness joining with a drop of water.

The palate starts off with barley sugar and the malt floor notes. Slight stem ginger and toffee flavours come through. Little time in the glass brings in more sherry character with the plums and cherries rejoining the party.

The finish is medium long, dominated by the ginger and an almost vanilla molasses note after it has been sent down.

A flavorful little sipper of a dram.

You can buy yours here:

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