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March Whisky Give Away

01 Mar 2017 3 Comments
March Whisky Give Away

A massive thank you to all who participated in our February Give away bottle of Port Askaig100 and congratulations to Adam Mckegney for winning!

For March we are continuing our like and share competition and this month we will be giving out the worlds most popular single malt scotch, Glenfiddich 12 year old!  A legend and giant of the scotch whisky industry distilled by the William Grant & Sons Ltd in the Speyside of Scotland. Matured in Bourbon and Sherry Casks for 12 years this Glenfiddich is really fresh and fruity on the nose, lots of apple and green fruits, very mellow and floral to taste with a mild spiciness and to finish light touch of oakieness and slightly oily.

Glenfiddich was the worlds 1st commercially available single malt scotch 1st released in the early 1960's and took the world by storm.  The iconic green triangle bottle with the a deer head on the label  a direct reference to the Gaelic meaning of Glenfiddich which means valley of the Deer. 


For your chance to win a bottle click here and like and comment and share!

The winner will be announced on 28th of March, Good Luck!

Over 18's only and UK only 




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