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In need of a special gift for a whisky lover? Check out our wide variety of Scottish gift hampers to choose from, including regional Scottish whisky tasting sets and whisky hampers along with deluxe cheese and wine hampers.

Whiski Shop scours the world for the finest whiskies so you don't have to. We then get our hands on the bottles and sell them to the whisky lovers of the world. We are passionate about providing whisky fanatics with truly magical whisky experiences, whether that be through one of our hampers or special whisky tasting events at our shop in Edinburgh.

We're passionate about whisky, and we know you are too. Together, we can celebrate the rich and fascinating history of whisky production from the regions of Scotland to the distilleries of Japan.

If you're looking to treat a special someone or indulge yourself, look no further than our whisky hampers, tasting sets and gifts. Could there be anything better at Christmas than a whisky tasting set and some delicious cheese and wine to go along with it? We don't think so!

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Gift Hampers

Flavour Tree ® Scottish Gin Tasting Set
The Flavour Tree ® Scottish Gin Tasting Set contains 4 gins from Scotland. Gin has increased greatly in popularity with new...
Flavour Tree ® Highland Whisky Tasting Set
Flavour Tree ® Highland set contains 4 diverse whiskies from around the highlands of Scotland.  The largest of Scotland's whisky regions, the highlands,...
Flavour Tree ® Islay Whisky Tasting Set
The Islay Whisky tasting set contains 4 single malt whiskies from the island of Islay off the west coast of...
Flavour Tree ® Lowland Whisky Tasting Set
Flavour Tree ® Lowland Whisky Tasting Set contains 4 single malt whiskies from the Lowlands of Scotland.  The Lowlands once boasted a...
Flavour Tree ® Regional Whisky Tasting Set
The Regional Whisky Tasting Set contains 4 single malts from across the whisky making regions of Scotland.  Chosen to represent...
Flavour Tree ® Speyside Whisky Tasting Set
The Flavour Tree ® Speyside Whisky tasting set contains 4 single malt whiskies from the region of Scotland known as the Speyside. Home to...