The other distillery tucked away in the Livet valley alongside the giant Glenlivet. Tomintoul is a relatively young distillery by Scottish standards as it was only founded in 1965. It really came to light in the early 2000's when it was bought by Scottish independent bottlers Angus Dundee and has release several whiskies into its range since then. Producing one of the most delicate malts in the industry, Tomintoul is a great whisky for those looking to venture into the enormous world of Single Malt whiskies. Tomintoul has two sets of still making around three millions litres of alcohol per year. 

Tomintoul will take tours on prior arrangement.


Tomintoul 10 Year old
Tomintoul Distillery sit in the Glenlivet valley a few miles from it's giant neighbour that takes the name. Producing a...
Tomintoul 16 year old
Tomintoul Distillery is owned by Angus Dundee distillers, making it one of the few Scottish owned distilleries. Exemplary of both...
Tomintoul Peaty Tang
Tomintoul presumably started peating their barley to be used for their blends which are very poplular in mainland Europe. With...