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Pulteney distillery in the town of Wick is the only distillery named after a person, William Pulteney, the governor of the British Fisheries Society, had the distillery built to supply work to the local population and whisky for the booming fishing industry. A some what coloured history as the distillery is said to have caused prohibition for the town of Wick more than once throughout its history. Now Pulteney houses two very unusual still with big boil balls creating just over one and half million litres of oily spirit.

Pulteney is open to visitors. 

Old Pulteney

Old Pulteney 15 year old, Single Malt Whisky, 70cl
Excellent coastal  malt from Old Pulteney, part of the newly launched 2018 releases alongside  other excellent expressions 12  and 18 Excellent...
Old Pulteney 18 year old, Single Malt Whisky, 70cl
Old Pulteney's 18 Year Old is aged in both ex-bourbon and Spanish oak casks. This is an intense and warming...
Old Pulteney 12 year old, Single Malt Whisky, 70cl
From Pulteney Distilery in Wick, the only current distillery in Scotland to be named after a person, comes their 12...