Glen Garioch ‘The Granary of Aberdeenshire’ founded by the Manson family, (farmers from Scotland not the Californian Cult) officially in 1797 however evidence from the local newspaper ‘Aberdeen journal’ mentions spirit being produced on December 1st 1775. Glen Garioch and is one of the few distilleries in Scotland left from the 18th century. Many people try and fail to say the name correctly, if you are reading about Glen Garioch for the 1st time you already said it incorrectly… its pronounced Glen GEEERY. It is reference to the fantastic barley which comes from the area. An interesting member of the family was Patrick Manson who went on to discover the link between mosquitos and disease, and was known as father of tropical diseases. The Manson’s ran the distillery till 1908, then Glen Garioch changed hands several times during the 20th century until current owners Suntory took over in 1994. Glen Garioch is located in the village of Oldmeldrum in the Scottish Highlands and is the most easterly distillery in Scotland. Glen Garioch takes its water from the springs on peacock hill. Glen Garioch has 1 wash and 1 spirit still and has a 3rd unused still and has a capacity of 1.37 million litres a year.

Glen Garioch is open to visitors.

Glen Garioch

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