Benrinnes was built by Peter McKenzie in 1826, however in was washed away in a flood 4 years later.  It was rebuilt in 1835 however more bad luck in 1896 saw most of the distillery destroyed in a fire. Benrinnes was rebuilt again and fully modernised which included electricity. Benrinnes had a very unusual partial tipple distillation process which ran from 1974 till 2007. Benrinnes is currently owned Diageo. Benrinnes has 2 wash stills and 4 spirit stills and has a capacity of 3.5 million litres.

Benrinnes is not open to visitors.


Benrinnes 15 year old
Interestingly the whisky produced in this bottle was partially triple distilled. In this process the feints from the wash still,...
Benrinnes 6 year old HC
A 6 year old Benrinnes matured in a quarter cask from Hunter Laing's Hepburn's choice range. One of 86 bottles...