Knockdhu ‘black hill’ distillery was built in 1893 by Distillers Company limited after buying the land from John Morrison who had discovered a water source at the foot of the Knock Hill. The whisky is now named AnCnoc ‘the hill’ to avoid confusion with Knockando ‘little black hill’ distillery, the name of the official bottlings was changed to 'AnCnoc'. The Knockdhu distillery is located in the Scottish Highlands at the village of Knock near Aberdeen. Knockdhu has been owned by Inver house since 2001. Knockdhu has 1 wash still and 1 spirit still and has a capacity of 2 million litres.

AnCnoc, Knockdhu is open to visitors.

Ancnoc (Knockdhu)

Ancnoc 12 year old
After years old confusion between the whiskies produced at Knockdhu distillery and the near-by distillery Knockando, Knockdhu changed the name...
Ancnoc 18 year old
Moving away from anCnoc’s characteristic bourbon style, the luxurious 18 year old brings sherry casks into the mix to create...
AnCnoc 2001
A vintage single Malt from the chaps at Knockdhu, a maturation of bourbon and sherry casks from 2001 and bottled...
AnCnoc Rascan
AnCnoc Rascan a heavily peated single malt from the Knockdhu peated at 11.1 PPM, a Rascan is a tool used...