Ailsa-Bay was built on the site of the Girvan grain distillery also home to the now gone but not forgotten and short lived Lady Burn distillery 1966-1975. This costal distillery was named after the Island Ailsa Crag situated around 10 miles out to sea from the distillery. Ailsa-Bay began production in 2007 and can create a range huge range of spirit to suit their needs for blending and for single malts. Located Southwest of Ayr in the Scottish Lowlands this huge facility can has 4 wash and 4 spirit stills and has a capacity up to 12 million litres.

Ailsa-Bay is not open to visitors.

Ailsa Bay

Ailsa Bay 1.2 Single Malt Scotch Whisky, 70cl
To many, Ailsa Bay will be an unknown entity and admittedly it’s a difficult task to keep up with all...