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Do you know a whisky enthusiast? Looking for the perfect whisky gifts for Christmas or their next birthday? Fear not, Whiski Shop has you covered. We have an excellent range of whisky gifts that will please any whisky lover. Whether they’re a whisky connoisseur or just are getting started, we have something for everyone. 

Our Flavour-Tree whisky sets are the perfect gift for whisky lovers. Each one presents a taste of the very best whiskies from each region in Scotland. Or you can mix it up and buy our regional whisky gift set that includes a taste from each region in one box. All our whisky tasting sets are presented in a luxurious gift box. 

Beyond our whisky gifts, we have the perfect whisky glasses and range of luxurious artisan chocolates so your recipient can indulge themselves.

We also stock a red-wine and white-wine hamper filled with tasty Scottish delights including cheese, biscuits, oatcakes and more.  

Struggling to decide? No worries, why not pick up a gift voucher so your special someone can get money off their next bottle of whisky or their next whisky tasting session?  

Buy whisky gifts online now with Whiski Shop. We ship directly from Edinburgh, Scotland and deliver worldwide, straight to your front door.

Gifts Range

Flavour Tree ® Scottish Gin Tasting Set
The Flavour Tree ® Scottish Gin Tasting Set contains 4 gins from Scotland. Gin has increased greatly in popularity with new...
Flavour Tree ® Highland Whisky Tasting Set
Flavour Tree ® Highland set contains 4 diverse whiskies from around the highlands of Scotland.  The largest of Scotland's whisky regions, the highlands,...
Flavour Tree ® Islay Whisky Tasting Set
The Islay Whisky tasting set contains 4 single malt whiskies from the island of Islay off the west coast of...
Flavour Tree ® Lowland Whisky Tasting Set
Flavour Tree ® Lowland Whisky Tasting Set contains 4 single malt whiskies from the Lowlands of Scotland.  The Lowlands once boasted a...
Flavour Tree ® Regional Whisky Tasting Set
The Regional Whisky Tasting Set contains 4 single malts from across the whisky making regions of Scotland.  Chosen to represent...
Flavour Tree ® Speyside Whisky Tasting Set
The Flavour Tree ® Speyside Whisky tasting set contains 4 single malt whiskies from the region of Scotland known as the Speyside. Home to...