Japanese whisky has become extremely popular in recent years. Yamazaki soared to fame after a series of fortunate events including the film, 'Lost in Translation' and the top accolade in Jim Murray's Whisky Bible. That popularity spread and now whisky from Japan, especially their single malts are increasingly difficult to find. The two main producers are Suntory with Yamazaki and Hakushu distilleries and Nikka with Yoichi and MIyagikyo. There are a few distilleries that have sat in the shadows of the big four that are now sharing the spotlight as well as a plethora of new distilleries opening every year eager to join in.


Yamazki 12yo 70cl
When Japanese whisky started to really take off Yamazaki was at the very front of the craze. Japan's first distillery,...
Yoichi Single Malt
After Taketsuru fell out with Suntory over a difference of opinion he set out to create his own whisky company...